Friday, November 30, 2007


I just love red lipstick. I think it is the whole retro thing but it amazes me how in the 40's and 50's a woman would wear red lipstick with everything and it always looked great.

The problem is, red lipstick can be a pain. At least for me. But that doesn't mean that I don't still get seduced by a new color or formulation every so often. Despite the fact that they linger in my make-up case for months.

Photo source: brtsergio, Flickr

Don't you just love the contrast and don't her lips look so pretty?

I've bought red lipstick from Revlon to Chanel and then I just never use it. But I may have a new option that can convert me into puckering up more often.

It's NARS lip gloss in Bloodwork

They say this lip gloss is pigment-rich and they aren't kidding. I had no idea how bright this stuff was until I got it home and tried it on.

Whoa, Baby!

This is screen-siren red! What is great about it is this is not a sheer gloss. It is very opaque. And the color is described as red vinyl and that is spot on. Being a gloss helps it to go on very easily. You can just swipe it on and be all sex-ah or you can blot it to matte it down and give you perfect carmine lips.

I blotted it when I put it on this morning and then topped it with a sheer sparkly brown-ish gloss. It was very wearable.

It would also be great for leaving red lipstick kisses on collars, necks and sealed letters.

Available at Sephora- $23

Pink French Sunglasses

Here's a better picture of those last pair of sunglasses.

Love them!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rose-tinted glasses

So I have this very bad tendency to see something on someone or somewhere, fall head over heels in love and then go absolutely crazy and overboard trying to incorporate whatever it is into my life.

Case in point - large sunglasses in pink and/or round with gradiated lenses. I lurv Miss Gala's glasses here. It's back to that desire for pink hair and color coding.

Another big part of it is the Chanel sunglasses. I bought these and then ended up selling them. For more than I bought them for at least but, even thought they looked somewhat comical on me, I kind of miss them but, damn!, they were expensive.

So off I went trolling on eBay to see what I could find searching pink, round, gradiated, vintage, etc. Here are some of what I found and bought.

You think these look crazy here? You should see them in person.

These are kind of a pinkish-peach color frame with amber gradiated lenses, but the arms don't go very wide.

This last pair are the best and this picture is totally useless, I know. I was going to swipe the picture from the auction and they're all down so I need to take some more. I promise to do so asap, but it would be remiss to not include them because they are the best of the bunch. They are HUGE and the lenses are a gradiated pink. I look like I have a giant pink butterfly on my face. I luv them mucho.

I promise, more pics to come soon. Maybe I'll dress all in pink tomorrow. That would wake you up in the winter!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Summing up my weekend

So this pretty much sums up my weekend:

Wore this:

Bought this:

Saw this:

Now on sale for $6293 from $8990! Run right out! Get two!

Went in to a covetous delirium for this:

And I'm spent.