Monday, April 28, 2008

Give Me Liberty!

I mentioned I was going to an antiques festival this past weekend and hoped to come home with some great finds. As always, even when you go with an idea in mind, you never know what you are going to come home with.

Liberty antiques festival is actually pretty good. I was looking for things like vintage feathers and pins but didn't come home with either of that. I did buy a monogrammed pillow made from vintage grain bag fabric and a folk are mini vanity mirror. I also got this adorable little silverplate pitcher for $5.

I shined it up a bit. It isn't perfect but that doesn't bother me. I like how the silver looks like gathered fabric.

On the fashion front I got two vintage bags. This first one is a red, probably '80s, leather clutch.

It's a good large size but not over-sized and has two compartments. I think it was $20.

I also got this adorable little faux croc bag in black patent. It's very petite but just adorable.

I wouldn't classify it as pristine but I'd give it a good 90 - 95%.

Liberty was the source of my vintage lizard bag. So don't overlook the antiques festivals. Typically it's furniture, jewelry and housewares but this year there was a dealer who had only vintage lingerie. Miss C went with me and she got a lovely piece there.

You never know what you're going to find!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Y, oh Y Do I Love Paris???

I'm not sure why I want this so much. But I just do.

I am adoring this Yves Saint Laurent "Y-mail" postcard clutch. I don't even use clutches or evening bags all that often. Not often enough to have more than the few I own now which I also don't use that much. And especially given that it's $395.

But it's also very cute and cheeky. I love the lady's profile in the faux stamp. And the Paris address to which I aspire someday.
I'm just going to pine away for this over here for a little while. Okay?
Available at Neiman Marcus (but not online) and at the YSL online store. It says it comes in white too, although I haven't seen a picture.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Never Forget! Elephants are Awesome.

I'm not sure if I can directly contribute the growing trend of jewelry featuring elephants to the growing interest and awareness of the Indian and Asian markets or if it's because the everyone is as smitten as I am with the new Hermes campaign "Hermes Orange, Indian Pink" (which is gorgeous by the way - check out all the ads), but they are definetly on the rise.

I love the Hermes brand. They are one of the final true luxury brands that care about craftsmanship and are less of a company of sell-outs.

Anyway, I just got this fun little elephant necklace from Target mainly because it had a vintage-y feel to it, but also because it keeps with my accent colors for Summer.

But when I was reading my Lucky magazine this weekend I saw a whole slew of elephant pieces. They featured this ring from Palm Beach Jewelry. They have a bunch of other elephant pieces too.

They had this ring from Moss Mills -

I loved this bracelet from JCrew but I don't think they are carrying it anymore. I'll be you could find a vintage piece like this.

I did a quick search eBay and found this mother-of-pearl necklace. I've seen lots of these in jade too.

What I like about the elephant motif is this it looks vintage but also has a modern Asian feel too. Exotic and safari-chic.