Friday, February 27, 2009

Tied to Tights

I am a huge fan of socks, tights and stockings. I wear them all year long but especially in the Winter and Fall. I don't like to wear pants as much as I do skirts so they help to keep me warm but they also are just such a great way to easily change up a look.

If you are over on Shoe Daydreams, you will see tights from all over. I've boughts some great opaque bright tights from JCrew and the range can be as inexpensive as Target to as pricey as Chanel. I just tend to be a sucker for a great color and great, unique patterns or details.

But over all there are four key places I go back to again and again.

1. StockinGirl -

This site has the most amazing range from warm and snuggly to sexy thigh-his. I've bought some cute tonal striped pairs from them.

2. We Love Colors -

Their name truly says it all. A huge range or colors in multiple styles. They're very comfortable and typically only about $8... so you can stock up!

3. Joy of Socks -

If you like a pair of patterned tights I'm wearing, chances are they are from here. They have the best designs and fun bright colors. Real stand-outs that will draw attention.

4. SockDreams -

A bit more whimsical but soft colors, especially in over the knee and thigh-high socks. I love their O Lovelies the most.

The price ranges are not too high for the four above, but if you are looking for real artwork, you have to go to Bebaroque. Pricey but worth it. I could go broke buying their pieces.

They have their new Spring/Summer collection out now and I am trying to avoid it because it is just too amazing.

If you can, you need to bring at least a pair home. You will be amazed at the work that goes into each set.