Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh, Wolfie, Oh Wolfie... You're the One!

Wendy Brandes has been one of my favorite bloggers for ages because she is a hilarious and talented writer. Of course, she is better known for her unique and delicious jewelry too.

I wish that I could have about 15 of her pieces but, you know... you have to start somewhere.

Wendy currently is in production with a great new piece - a whistle that opens up to reveal a tiny wolf. Continuing the literary tradition of most of her work, the Virginia Woolf whistle (lol!) is really cool but I actually fell in love with the inside element... the adorable wolfie.

I had to have it! So witty! So cute!

Oh, yeah, that's right, that image is totally swiped from Wend'y's site. I need to take a picture wearing my new piece.

While I love the author connection, the real reason I got it is because I've long had a love affair with wolves ever since high school. Here is an old photo of me. And yes, that is a real live wolf in the photo, Chimo. I still love him!

Thank you, Wendy for making a piece dear to my heart!

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