Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Breaking News?

Wow. Net-a-Porter is really on the cutting edge of trends, huh?

Their copy for this Alburtus Swanepoel Wimbledon straw boater is:

After last season's panama comes the new hat du jour, the boater. Albertus Swanepoel's classic shape is the perfect accessory for vacation sightseeing and lounging poolside.

Not only were we talking about boaters back in March but they were 3% the cost! And in my opinion, way cuter!!!

Mine has a green and navy ribbon.

And while I love my Stephen Jones boater because of its traditional look, I'm quite fond of the mini-boater I made.

If you like, I'll make you one too and we can be leaders of the fashion pack together.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Acme Made Laptop - Kate

I have been on the lookout for a good laptop bag for a while now. I've already broken the straps on two because I have a tendency to carry way too much stuff and carry it around all the time.

I have a lot of criteria too and because of this I actually resorted to, after breaking the straps on one bag, tying the straps together just so I could keep using it.

This is not classy or professional.

I don't think what I want is really that outrageous but apparently laptop bag companies do not agree.

Here is what I was looking for:

- Able to hold my 15" laptop
- Room to hold all the cords, portable disc drive and files I bring home with me every night
- Sturdy straps that are long enough to swing over my shoulder and wide enough so that I don't cut off circulation in my arm in the process
- Be cute
- Not be too expensive (ideally $100 or way under)

I have had cloth bags and vinyl, so the material was less of an issue to me than the style but I did want to avoid leather.

I was reading VegNews a few months back and saw this really cute bag highlighted but at the time I wasn't sure of the material or the size (and my current bag and not fallen completely into shreds yet) so I waited. But I was at BlogWorld this past week and saw a girls carrying the exact bag I was looking at, the Acme Made Kate style. She very graciously let me check it out and I decided then and there to order one from the site.

Even better, when I went to place the order, the bag was 35% off! Just use code AMSIG9 at checkout.

This bag meets all of my criteria above, is made of a great faux animal leather material so it seems very durable and it's super cute!

The inside is roomy with a cushioned laptop sleeve and lots of pouches for pens and space for papers and files. The two zippered outside pockets are perfect for stowing those things you need to grab fast like cellphones, business cards and pens.

It even comes with this cute matching pouch to tuck in side (or use as a clutch).

I just got this tonight but I'm already excited to take it to work tomorrow. It fits on my shoulder great and I was able to comfortably fit in all the crap I carry around. I ordered the white with orange stitching but it also comes in the black with purple.
This is the most perfect case I've seen in a long while but check out their other styles too. If they are made as well as this one, you will be in good shape.