Thursday, August 30, 2007

A little bit dangerous

In keeping with the lady-like look (the flip side of menswear coin), gloves always make a presence when Fall comes around. It's cool enough to wear them but not so cold that you need really warm gloves and mittens.

I love vintage gloves, which come in all kinds of colors from creamy white to pastel blue and strong kelly green. I love the embroidery and intricate cut work. I'd rather wear those than generic gloves from the mall. Plus you can get them a lot cheaper, especially on Ebay. I've picked some up for $5.

Then there is the sexy edgy look of gloves. Rouge looks pretty innocent and sweet here, but I preferred her black gloves that went to her upper arm from the first X-men movie.

I had a pair of wrist length gloves but these were something else. I actually had some trouble finding exactly what I wanted but I did find a company, through an online search, that made them. I ordered the length and size I wanted and a week or two later I got them.

They were smokin'! Very soft and well-lined. Very classy I thought and perfect to recreate my Rouge glove and coat ensemble. But as I went through the box, I found a bunch of rather interesting promotional materials.

I guess I had ordered my lovely classy gloves from a fetish site! LOL!

I guess they are sexy! And educational.

So word to the wise, have fun and find some gloves that complete your outfit this Fall. But I would stick to a well known company like LaCrasia.

Python is an aquired taste

When Plumcake over on the Manolo site shared these shoes that she had just bought, I was instantly smitten. Darn fashionable bloggers! I had to have them. They weren't available on Zappos, so I had to do a shoe search. I doubt I got as good a deal as she did, but I did get them! And now I can't wait for some cooler weather so I can get into them. Not that they wouldn't be good for this late Summer time too.

Michael Kors Cairo in Python (also available in black on Zappos)

I'd love to create an ensemble of accessories that would highlight the gorgeous colors and pattern. If I had the cash I would get these elbow length gloves. Wearing gloves more than just for cold weather has got to come back into fashion, especially when you have options like these.

Burberry Python gloves - $750 at Neiman Marcus. Feel free to pick these up and send them my way!

And just to push the envelope a teeny bit, I'd add the clutch. I know it may be bordering on overkill but I think the small size and the fact that this is close in tone to the shoes, but the gloves are darker breaks it up a bit. Plus, I just like it.

Carlos Falchi Python Clutch - $795 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

But even I think that this would be too too much:

Bottega Venetta Limited Edition Python Hobo (brace yourself) - $4960 at Saks Fifth Avenue

I'm not that tacky. Even if I could afford it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I know I said that I don't collect watches but I think I am going to have to start because I don't think I can decide between these two beautiful pieces from Michael Kors. They are both a classic chunky mens-style watch, but the gorgeous materials make them stand out and give them a feminine twist.

Tortoiseshell Jet Set Watch - $180

I love the tortoiseshell watch but I adore the creamy elegant color of the horn version.

Horn Jet Set Watch - $180

With a white shirt and khaki pants - perfection!

P.S. These watches are made of hued resin, not natural tortoiseshell or horn.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I like my bedspread, but not this much...

Does this look like a hot designer flapper-style coat? Or.....

a Target Bedspread???


Monday, August 27, 2007

The epitome of Bubblegum Plastic

As girl-y as I get with some things, I actually don't wear a lot of pink. I do have few fun jewelry pieces, and of course, shoes, but far less than most would think.

However, I am kind of obsessed with this ring.

It's a Louis Vuitton Bubble Ring in the most delicious color - Framboise. How perfect!

In the resin bubble are the signature LV flower and diamond with a Swarovski crystal in the center. I just love the adorable color and the unique design, plus it's not too expensive at $125 on eLuxury.

Also comes in a lighter pink and clear.


What a Wonderful World...

I was just amazed with this video, so I posted it on Pink Luck Cat.

Hope it makes makes you smile today.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Big Friggin' Bling

I just saw this awesome clutch on Nine West. I think it has a really high end look for not too much money - about $80. I love the big "stones" and the glam/tough design. It's one of those classic pieces that can look totally current but you could wear for years.

You want an equally strong shoe to go with it. Something that has the same tough/glam vibe. On the high end you could pair this with:

Christian Louboutin Bling Bling Peep-toe in grey ($1325 at Neiman Marcus). The black velvet, clear crystal version is hot too.

Or this:

Jimmy Choo Watson Ballet Flats (not too bad at $340 - Neiman Marcus)

On a more accessible end, zip right back to Nine West and find these:
Nine West Dagner - $79

Want to go more casual and pair with jeans or even for during the day, go with these:

Nine West Dottie - $60

I even think the big stones on this really affordable option would be a good pairing:

I own these and they are very comfortable. Mossimo Dasha at Target - $25.

The big stones have a subtle glam-ness - great for nights out all year round but especially fun for adding some shine to the darker tones of Fall and Winter.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Your Signature

I've mentioned before that there are several key pieces a person needs to invest in to showcase their style. As in everything, details are the things that are noticed and that get you noticed.

Along with the accessories that you wear, I think your choice of pen can say a lot about you and also be a way to express your personality. What could be more personal that your signature? What is more lasting and intimate than the words you write to another. Some people have a special pen and even ink color just for their signature.

While disposable pens are ubiquitous, aren't you worth a little bit more than that? And do you want to carry around some cheap gimmick giveaway pen with a random company logo on it? Don't your words have greater value?

Because I like to combine vintage and modern, my "special" pen is a pink fountain pen with pink ink from Levenger. And not ink cartridges, but real liquid ink. I like the ink to really flow and this pen is great. It's worth the little bit of effort to fill the pen every once in a while. Plus, I've had this same pen and original bottle of ink for a few years now. It was more of an investment than a 10 for $1 ball-point pen, but it's been a good value. Mine isn't this exact one, but it's pretty close and comes in a variety of colors. You also have a number of ink choices, so you can change it up or pick a signature color.

I actually do have a glass ink pen from when I went to Murano in Venice, but, while a cool art piece, it really is a pain and doesn't hold ink very well at all. If you can write with this for more than a letter I commend you. It doesn't have much portability either.

Your pen of choice doesn't have to be expensive either, just something that can become "your pen". I like to write with ultra fine point Sharpies too. They come in a ton of colors, feel great when you write and lay down the ink really well. They do bleed through but I guess that's the trade off.

And I've recently rediscovered an old love. My Pilot disposable fountain pen. All of the pleasure of fountain pen writing but less mess. I don't like to change out the ink in my pink fountain pen, so I use these for the more traditional colors. I get black, aqua and blue, although you can also get purple, pink and red. And they are only about $2.5o each. They hold a good amount of ink and you don't have to worry about losing them. I get them online at the Pilot pen site because I don't think they carry them at the office supply stores any more. I just love them and people do notice that I'm using a fountain pen, which they think is neat.

I got a Mont Blanc pen when I started out in business as they were a very noticeable "status" symbol. It became a part of my uniform when interviewing for a job just like a good suit and shoes. Because, and don't let anyone tell you differently, people notice the details.

You don't have to have a really expensive pen, just something that you love and have fun with. Unfortunately, I haven't found a pen that will make my handwriting any more legible.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wearable Art

Working in marketing you quickly become critical of commercial artwork and appreciative of one of them most underrated pieces of communication a business has. Their logo. Logos are deceptively simple but they are one of the hardest things to create. Trying to condense a brand's differentiators, product/service and core personality in a simple graphic with almost no text is amazingly hard. But it is the ambassador for your company more so than anything else you say.

When a logo is created, everything is important and font, size ratios, colors and design all work together to convey the message. Nothing can be wasted and each element has meaning. That is why I have a major logo infatuation.

But I don't actually like to have logo'd "stuff" around. I don't wear logo t-shirts or use logo'd coffee mugs. What I usually get are baseball caps. I wear them on the weekends especially. I don't have a million hats, just the ones I've truly fallen in love with. And they have to be nice caps, not crappy foam $1 trucker caps. Plus they shade my eyes and protect my fair skin. Here are my favorites:

I had never heard of Biscuitville until I moved. I don't even eat there but I thought their logo was so cute. I happily walk around like a chicken biscuit billboard because I love the design so much.

I haven't bought my Krispy Kreme hat yet, but I love the retro charm of their logo. They actually have another cute logo with a sprinkle covered donut, but I've only seen it on their kid's t-shirts. I am totally jones-ing for that on a white cap.

My all time favorite has to be my cap from the Oakville Grocery in San Francisco. My cap is black and the basket and words are embroidered in blue with the bunny in white. I saw this in the store when we were out there, but I thought it was a little price-y at the time so, even though I adored it, I passed it by. I later became sooo obsessed that I called the corporate office to try and get one because it was sold out online. It took me forever and I finally had to call the San Fran store to have them ship me one. I know, I'm a nut case. But it really is adorable. I heart that frickin' bunny.

My newest desire is for a Cat in the Tub hat. This is a little art store in Asheville. We saw the logo as we were walking by going to dinner on our first day in town. The store was closed so we had to make a special trip back to see if they had any hats or shirts. The didn't but we convinced the owners that they HAD to make some because we wanted one. I don't think they are ready with them yet, but we're going back to Asheville in October so they better be ready then! I hope they have them in white. I love the font and how can you resist that image of the cat in the tub??? You can't, can you? It looks like one of our kitties.

Don't just walk around with a sports team cap or a McDonald's hat. They have no soul. Look for the unique places and designs that speak to you. If they have a unique logo buy one on something and appreciate these logos for the art that they are.

Monday, August 20, 2007

London calling

Blue is one of my favorite colors. And my favorite gemstone used to be sapphires because of their velvet-y blue color, but in recent years I've grown to love London blue topaz.

A symbol of strength and intelligence, topaz derives its name from Topazios, an island in the Red Sea that is known today as Zabargad. The Greek word "topazios" means "to seek," since the island was covered with a thick fog and difficult to find. Gemstones found on the island were called topaz, although the stones were eventually found to actually be peridot. The real gem of topaz is found throughout the world, with different occurrences producing specific colors. Topaz has several variations, such as, "sky blue topaz," "Swiss blue topaz" and "London blue topaz" which all refer to the darkness of the gemstone. "Sky blue topaz" is the lightest in color while "London blue topaz" is the darkest in color.

However, none of these are naturally occurring colors. Blue topaz, London blue especially, as become controversial in recent years because the color was created by irradiation. Many gemstones, including diamonds, are treated to nuclear radiation to create new, more intense rare colors.

May jewelers were forced to pull blue topaz out of their stores and are still leery of working with the stone. The lighter blue colors have made a comeback recently, but it is still hard to find London Blue which is my favorite.

I recently got a London Blue ring and I just love it. It's a very striking blue because it has a real true blue depth to it, unlike a sapphire which can often be too dark.

If you've ever read the Dragonsinger books of Anne McCaffery, the harpers wear a color called "harper blue". I've always looked for what I felt that color was. London blue topaz is that color.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On Trend/Truly Unique

Coming out of Spring/Summer and into Fall, Bubblegum and Graduated bead necklaces are still fun and fresh and give a great contrast to button down shirts and trousers. These necklaces are available very inexpensively. These two are from Target. The first is made of wooden beads and the second is made of plastic beads. They are each around $8 at Target. If you don't want to see the same necklace on everyone but you want to be on trend, there are equally inexpensive vintage options too.

But if you are looking for some totally unique options, visit The artists there have created some amazing pieces, including this garnet and brass necklace that looks like bubbles or a Deco graphic. You will definitely be the only girl at the party wearing this one. And it's only $30.

So whether you want a trendy look or eclectic and unique (or both) there are some great options out there in totally accessible prices.

Form and Function

One of my least favorite things is when something is created to disguise something you need but that's ugly as sin. Like those plastic rocks that people stick randomly on the front of their lawn to hide the utility box.

Why can't we just design everything to be pretty and functional? Like these Swarovski portable USBs (they also have earbuds with crystal detailing). These are fully functional but so pretty they could be jewelry. Check out the full line at Active Crystals.

Some of the best pieces are the limited edition versions sold through Colette in France. They have the lock USB and the earbuds, but my favorite is the red heart USB.

Hopefully more companies will add design elements to their function-driven products.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Limited Edition - Prada for the Neiman Marcus 100th

This year Neiman Marcus is celebrating 100 years of really nice but often really expensive stuff! Love them!

To help them celebrate, limited edition pieces in home goods, clothes, shoes, beauty, etc., are being created just for the occasion. Nothing makes me jones for something more than the words "limited edition".

If someone would like to let me borrow $9000 grand for this gor-ge-ous pink crocodile Prada logo clutch, I will love you for the next 100 years.

Acrylic Watches

Watches are one of the 5 key accessories that everyone should invest in to make a good impression - in business and in life - the others being: wallet (for men and women), purse, sunglasses, a pen and, of course, shoes. Even if you wear them everyday, if they are a classic style and decent quality, any outfit will be elevated.

I know there are people out there that collect and buy watches like candy, and while I can understand the lure of the watch wardrobe, I've never fallen prey to it myself. I typically wear only one or two watches. I wear a diamond bezel Raymond Weil most every day, but I want to have a more casual watch that is still classy looking. For a sport watch, I like a men's-sized face and wear it loose like a bracelet. My favorite so far is this watch by Toy Watch bought at Neiman Marcus. It's acrylic and has a mother-of-pearl face with crystals at each number. It has a great style and even has a built in stopwatch.

This watch comes in a number of color combinations and faces, but I think if I had not bought the one above I would buy the orange-faced model. I'm loving orange accessories.

The acrylic watches are about $250, so not much more than a Fossil watch. If I had an extra grand to throw around, I would get this ceramic version. It's pretty frickin' cool.

People notice the details, so it makes sense to have your casual accessories be just as stylish as your nicer watch. And make sure to wear your nice watch, not just save it for a "special occasion". Those events are typically few and far between. You're worth your nice stuff every day.

Monday, August 6, 2007


I'm not one to buy into the "it" handbag craze. I think they are typically too expensive and have a shorter shelf-life than a pair of shoes. Especially since they can be so identifiable and, therefore, out of style very quickly.

But, I think I have fallen prey to the marketing seduction that is the Louis Vuitton "That's Love" Canvas Tote.

I don't know if it's the beadwork that goes into it. Or if it's the mix of the iconic Logo and the word "Love", but I want this. It looks like a piece that might become a new classic.

But, alas, it's over $1700.



The other day I had the pleasure of meeting and working with a lovely lady named Beverly Rivers. She is a former Better Homes and Gardens(r) Editor in Chief and it was a pleasure working with her.

Bev has an amazing sense of style that was obvious from the moment I met her. One the of things I first noticed was her jewelry. She has two especially amazing rings. One - a vintage piece she found randomly in a box at a flea market but that is this amazing diamond and pink topaz piece. The other is a very contemporary diamond design. Very different but both beautiful.
But when we met the next day I was awestruck by her necklace -

Gorgeous, isn't it? And let me tell you... it caught the light and sparkled like crazy. When I asked her about it, she said it was made of vintage brooches attached to a beaded necklace. Amazing!

I wish I had thought of it. I love vintage brooches and have several. I am totally in midst of scouring eBay for pieces to make my own necklace. What is great is that you could do this with all colors and styles. Get as creative as you want or combine for your favorite color combo. And it will look great casual and dressy - and be totally unique.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Favorite Store: Cursive Designs

One of my new favorite Internet finds is Cursive Designs. Sara Fox is from Chicago and she is making amazing jewelry by modifying pieces of lace. She searches for lace designs, selects out design from the pattern and then stiffens and dyes the lace. It is then ready to be transformed into ethereal pieces such as these:

These are just a few of the pieces she has created. I have the necklace above and it is just gorgeous in person. And when you go to the site, you can see she offers most of her pieces is several vibrant colors like the coral and aqua above as well as greens, peachy-pink and white.

I like to support artists creating unique work and Sara is a true craftsman. Check it out!

Bangle Bracelets

I don't wear a lot of jewelry. I used to wear more when I was younger, but I tend to find it more annoying than anything. I rarely wear earrings anymore because I am on the phone so much and they poke into my head. And I only have two watches that I alternate wearing - a nice one and an acrylic Toy watch. And I only wear a ring on one finger on each hand at the most.

I am liking bangle bracelets more and more. Either alone as a statement piece or clanking together on my arm. I've seen a lot of clear acrylic bracelets lately and I liked the style. I bought a few different sizes on eBay which is probably the best place for a deal.

To glam up a simple top and jeans, I got 3 of these crystal bracelets and wear them stacked together on one arm. I bet I could mix these with the clear bangles. These came from Target.
This is a very chunky bracelet from Dolly Dagger in the UK. I don't think they have the pink version, but they do have an aqua version with pink crystals.

This is a vintage bracelet that I also found on eBay when I was hunting around for the clear bangles. I love pink and green together and this has a retro feel that could also be very contemporary, depending on what you wear it with. It's very graphic. has a ton of fashion jewelry online, much more than in the store. What is great is that you can search by color but I like to randomly click around to see what I can find. I just got this chunky wood version which I think will give a nice textural contrast to the Fall clothes coming in.

I also like this feather option. From what I have seen, feathers are going to be big, big, BIG this Fall. The color is great for all the Fall clothes, the texture is there, plus they are very feminine. Target had headbands with feathers too, that I may need to go back and get.

And because these are only around $8, you don't have to make a huge investment.

Welcome to Bubblegum Plastic!

While shoes are my true love, I also have a love of many other things including vintage accessories and quirky one of a kind pieces of jewelry. I hope this blog will provide inspiraton as well as some great resources.

Or it may just let you see what kind of a shopping problem I have! Either way... have fun and let me know if you find any cool stuff too.