Thursday, August 30, 2007

Python is an aquired taste

When Plumcake over on the Manolo site shared these shoes that she had just bought, I was instantly smitten. Darn fashionable bloggers! I had to have them. They weren't available on Zappos, so I had to do a shoe search. I doubt I got as good a deal as she did, but I did get them! And now I can't wait for some cooler weather so I can get into them. Not that they wouldn't be good for this late Summer time too.

Michael Kors Cairo in Python (also available in black on Zappos)

I'd love to create an ensemble of accessories that would highlight the gorgeous colors and pattern. If I had the cash I would get these elbow length gloves. Wearing gloves more than just for cold weather has got to come back into fashion, especially when you have options like these.

Burberry Python gloves - $750 at Neiman Marcus. Feel free to pick these up and send them my way!

And just to push the envelope a teeny bit, I'd add the clutch. I know it may be bordering on overkill but I think the small size and the fact that this is close in tone to the shoes, but the gloves are darker breaks it up a bit. Plus, I just like it.

Carlos Falchi Python Clutch - $795 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

But even I think that this would be too too much:

Bottega Venetta Limited Edition Python Hobo (brace yourself) - $4960 at Saks Fifth Avenue

I'm not that tacky. Even if I could afford it.

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WendyB said...

Those gloves are stunning.