Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wearable Art

Working in marketing you quickly become critical of commercial artwork and appreciative of one of them most underrated pieces of communication a business has. Their logo. Logos are deceptively simple but they are one of the hardest things to create. Trying to condense a brand's differentiators, product/service and core personality in a simple graphic with almost no text is amazingly hard. But it is the ambassador for your company more so than anything else you say.

When a logo is created, everything is important and font, size ratios, colors and design all work together to convey the message. Nothing can be wasted and each element has meaning. That is why I have a major logo infatuation.

But I don't actually like to have logo'd "stuff" around. I don't wear logo t-shirts or use logo'd coffee mugs. What I usually get are baseball caps. I wear them on the weekends especially. I don't have a million hats, just the ones I've truly fallen in love with. And they have to be nice caps, not crappy foam $1 trucker caps. Plus they shade my eyes and protect my fair skin. Here are my favorites:

I had never heard of Biscuitville until I moved. I don't even eat there but I thought their logo was so cute. I happily walk around like a chicken biscuit billboard because I love the design so much.

I haven't bought my Krispy Kreme hat yet, but I love the retro charm of their logo. They actually have another cute logo with a sprinkle covered donut, but I've only seen it on their kid's t-shirts. I am totally jones-ing for that on a white cap.

My all time favorite has to be my cap from the Oakville Grocery in San Francisco. My cap is black and the basket and words are embroidered in blue with the bunny in white. I saw this in the store when we were out there, but I thought it was a little price-y at the time so, even though I adored it, I passed it by. I later became sooo obsessed that I called the corporate office to try and get one because it was sold out online. It took me forever and I finally had to call the San Fran store to have them ship me one. I know, I'm a nut case. But it really is adorable. I heart that frickin' bunny.

My newest desire is for a Cat in the Tub hat. This is a little art store in Asheville. We saw the logo as we were walking by going to dinner on our first day in town. The store was closed so we had to make a special trip back to see if they had any hats or shirts. The didn't but we convinced the owners that they HAD to make some because we wanted one. I don't think they are ready with them yet, but we're going back to Asheville in October so they better be ready then! I hope they have them in white. I love the font and how can you resist that image of the cat in the tub??? You can't, can you? It looks like one of our kitties.

Don't just walk around with a sports team cap or a McDonald's hat. They have no soul. Look for the unique places and designs that speak to you. If they have a unique logo buy one on something and appreciate these logos for the art that they are.

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