Saturday, August 25, 2007

Your Signature

I've mentioned before that there are several key pieces a person needs to invest in to showcase their style. As in everything, details are the things that are noticed and that get you noticed.

Along with the accessories that you wear, I think your choice of pen can say a lot about you and also be a way to express your personality. What could be more personal that your signature? What is more lasting and intimate than the words you write to another. Some people have a special pen and even ink color just for their signature.

While disposable pens are ubiquitous, aren't you worth a little bit more than that? And do you want to carry around some cheap gimmick giveaway pen with a random company logo on it? Don't your words have greater value?

Because I like to combine vintage and modern, my "special" pen is a pink fountain pen with pink ink from Levenger. And not ink cartridges, but real liquid ink. I like the ink to really flow and this pen is great. It's worth the little bit of effort to fill the pen every once in a while. Plus, I've had this same pen and original bottle of ink for a few years now. It was more of an investment than a 10 for $1 ball-point pen, but it's been a good value. Mine isn't this exact one, but it's pretty close and comes in a variety of colors. You also have a number of ink choices, so you can change it up or pick a signature color.

I actually do have a glass ink pen from when I went to Murano in Venice, but, while a cool art piece, it really is a pain and doesn't hold ink very well at all. If you can write with this for more than a letter I commend you. It doesn't have much portability either.

Your pen of choice doesn't have to be expensive either, just something that can become "your pen". I like to write with ultra fine point Sharpies too. They come in a ton of colors, feel great when you write and lay down the ink really well. They do bleed through but I guess that's the trade off.

And I've recently rediscovered an old love. My Pilot disposable fountain pen. All of the pleasure of fountain pen writing but less mess. I don't like to change out the ink in my pink fountain pen, so I use these for the more traditional colors. I get black, aqua and blue, although you can also get purple, pink and red. And they are only about $2.5o each. They hold a good amount of ink and you don't have to worry about losing them. I get them online at the Pilot pen site because I don't think they carry them at the office supply stores any more. I just love them and people do notice that I'm using a fountain pen, which they think is neat.

I got a Mont Blanc pen when I started out in business as they were a very noticeable "status" symbol. It became a part of my uniform when interviewing for a job just like a good suit and shoes. Because, and don't let anyone tell you differently, people notice the details.

You don't have to have a really expensive pen, just something that you love and have fun with. Unfortunately, I haven't found a pen that will make my handwriting any more legible.

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