Sunday, August 26, 2007

Big Friggin' Bling

I just saw this awesome clutch on Nine West. I think it has a really high end look for not too much money - about $80. I love the big "stones" and the glam/tough design. It's one of those classic pieces that can look totally current but you could wear for years.

You want an equally strong shoe to go with it. Something that has the same tough/glam vibe. On the high end you could pair this with:

Christian Louboutin Bling Bling Peep-toe in grey ($1325 at Neiman Marcus). The black velvet, clear crystal version is hot too.

Or this:

Jimmy Choo Watson Ballet Flats (not too bad at $340 - Neiman Marcus)

On a more accessible end, zip right back to Nine West and find these:
Nine West Dagner - $79

Want to go more casual and pair with jeans or even for during the day, go with these:

Nine West Dottie - $60

I even think the big stones on this really affordable option would be a good pairing:

I own these and they are very comfortable. Mossimo Dasha at Target - $25.

The big stones have a subtle glam-ness - great for nights out all year round but especially fun for adding some shine to the darker tones of Fall and Winter.