Thursday, August 30, 2007

A little bit dangerous

In keeping with the lady-like look (the flip side of menswear coin), gloves always make a presence when Fall comes around. It's cool enough to wear them but not so cold that you need really warm gloves and mittens.

I love vintage gloves, which come in all kinds of colors from creamy white to pastel blue and strong kelly green. I love the embroidery and intricate cut work. I'd rather wear those than generic gloves from the mall. Plus you can get them a lot cheaper, especially on Ebay. I've picked some up for $5.

Then there is the sexy edgy look of gloves. Rouge looks pretty innocent and sweet here, but I preferred her black gloves that went to her upper arm from the first X-men movie.

I had a pair of wrist length gloves but these were something else. I actually had some trouble finding exactly what I wanted but I did find a company, through an online search, that made them. I ordered the length and size I wanted and a week or two later I got them.

They were smokin'! Very soft and well-lined. Very classy I thought and perfect to recreate my Rouge glove and coat ensemble. But as I went through the box, I found a bunch of rather interesting promotional materials.

I guess I had ordered my lovely classy gloves from a fetish site! LOL!

I guess they are sexy! And educational.

So word to the wise, have fun and find some gloves that complete your outfit this Fall. But I would stick to a well known company like LaCrasia.

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