Monday, September 3, 2007

Vintage ≠ Crap

I had someone once say to me, "Vintage? What is that another word for crap?"

I'm serious.

I was completely appalled! And offended because I love vintage - clothes, shoes, furniture, books and, especially, jewelry. I've collected vintage jewelry since high school and found some amazing pieces. But if I ever needed an argument just take a look at these amazing vintage pieces:

This necklace is made of vintage broaches strung on a crystal necklace. So gorgeous.

The following two brooches I found on eBay. They are very Art Nouveau and are amazingly detailed

This is the back of the second brooch. Look at the workmanship.

Vintage is a great way to get a unique look and great quality, often at an affordable price. Plus, sifting through eBay or going to antique shows is fun and a great way to hone your eye and find what the market is charging. Plus you can see what is hot or getting popular.

Branch out with your choices. I think it's better to have something unique than some generic piece that anyone could buy off of QVC or in the mall.


WendyB said...

All those pieces are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I think you were saying you liked my necklace. That's my neck with the orange blouse. The piece is made by Kay Adams at Anthill in Richmond, Virginia. Her business number is 804/254-2000 if anyone is interested in her fabulous necklaces.