Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wit and Whimsy

I've expressed my love for vintage jewelry many times before. And recently I've been seeing new jewelry inspired by the wit and whimsy of "grandma" jewelry. This is the jewelry that you would see your grandmother wearing all the time or saving for special occasions. When you are younger you would think the pieces would be a little crazy but now they look totally cool.

I'm so happy that companies are embracing and reinventing these styles. Anthropologie has always has unique vintage-y pieces, but I was surprised to see the following pieces in the JCrew catalog.

My favorite piece is this elephant charm bracelet.

This is so "Palm Beach socialite" with the over-sized twisted chain and "ivory" enameled graduated elephants. This would be great with navy and white stripes or pink and green Lilly Pulitzer colors.

A lot of long necklaces have been out since the Spring, but I also like these long beaded necklaces with really fun clasps. JCrew has done this really will with an enameled frog clasp.

Look at that froggie!

Now if you want a similar look go to the stand-by eBay. I love going to eBay, even more than going to thrift stores and antique shows. I tend to get overwhelmed visually and eBay lets me search for what I am looking for. You do lose some of the "thrill of the hunt" but, for someone like me, you get to see a whole lot more. And you do never know what you will find.

I searched out charm bracelets and wanted to see what I could find to mimic the JCrew pieces. Theirs are kind of pricey ($125 each) and I hoped to find something more in my price range. This one is more costume jewelry but just as fun.

I also looked up beaded necklaces and thought this was a great option too. The closure isn't the great frog but it is very pretty. A little more formal than the JCrew option.

So if your Grammy has fun jewelry and she asks if you want to have anything or borrow a piece - go for it! These pieces will be a perfect accent to jeans and sweaters, something to make you stand out.

If you've got 'em, wear 'em!

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WendyB said...

Aw! I love the white elephants. I remember when I was quite little, my grandparents gave me a plastic necklace with an elephant on it. At the time, I really wanted to get the elephant off the necklace so I could play with it. :-)