Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cat Eyes

Since I started wearing make-up I've always loved a really smokey cat's eye look. I probably have about fifteen different articles from different magazine the show how to do the perfect smudgy eye look ripped out and stuffed in my bathroom closet.

To date, I've had little success with the whole eyeliner deal because I just don't do well with the lower lid eyeliner. Especially when it's on the inner rim of the lower eye. I've tried it and I either have to re-apply it all night or it makes my eyes look all squinty. Not gorgeous like this.

So I rarely wear eyeliner of any sort. If I'm going out at night I sometimes use my Chanel Catwalk Kit to do an upper eye liner at the base of my lashes. I like it because it makes my lashes look really thick.

But I've been inspired to wear eyeliner more because of these inspirational photos from some of my favorite bloggers - The Coveted...

and, of course, Miss Gala.

Doesn't that look great on them. What's also helped is that I've found a new eyeliner that I'm just loving. It's Cover Girl's Line Exact in Brown. LOVE IT!

It's so easy to use. I actually had someone ask why I was looking good, etc., etc., and I think it was because I started using this eye liner!

So I'm all inspired to wear it more often. I was reading my Lucky magazine and they were talking about "Major Rocker Eyes" in their Fall Make-up Update (I know another magazine article for my collection!) and they featured this Clinique brush on liner cream. Since I was going to go get some lipstick anyways, I got some and am going to give it a try.

I got it in Black but I just saw there was a limited edition Grey. I may have to go back and get that if the black works out okay.

Yeah! Make-up!

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