Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Moo Roo on the move

Moo Roo, along with Moyna, were unique bags that came on the scene about 6 years ago. I remember seeing their bags and being entranced with them. Other than Leibers, there were not a lot of other fancy evening bags that hat whimsy and wit. At the time they came out and I first heard about them, they were a little out of my price range being in the $300 range. But they inspired me because they were started in the founder, Mary Norton's home. They soon became adopted by celebrities (this is pre-big bag craziness) and just stood out. I appreciated their artisan details and attention to quality.

I was glad Mary did well with her bags and felt they were worth their price. They were high-end but not inaccessible. I'm sad to say that this is about to change. From what I've heard, Moo Roo has been bought out and a new company under the Mary Norton name will be the sole company. I've looked at the new site and product line and all I have to say is "yawn".

They are beautiful and glamorous but they are safe and soul-less. They are also twice as expensive. I'm all for a company doing well but this almost seems like gouging to me. You can tell when an artisan company becomes corporate. It's kind of sad to me really.

They also have a line shoes. I'm not sure if I will be shopping with Ms. Norton however. I'd feel like any other chick buying a pair of expensive shoes, not patronizing a craftsman.

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