Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tempting Toppers

You may not know this but I am a huge huge HUGE fan of hats. I mean, I love all kinds of hair accessories, from combs to fascinators but I love a fancy hat. This should not come as a huge surprise because I kind of love all of the retro accessories that are inching their way back.

Parasols - Check!

Gloves - Check!

Hats - Double Check!

I think I've been buying hats since at least college. And no, I'm not talking baseball caps, I mean real hats in hat boxes. I have several straw hats, a black straw top hat with a veil and long black ribbons down the back, pink rolled brims with a puff-dotted veil, black and tan swirled ones and more.

So I was kind of all swoony over the Marc Jacobs S/S 2009 RTW show. The mix of patterns and styles and eras was great but I was mostly interested in the hats. I love the jaunty boater-style hats that he showed. I've always found this style to be so adorable.

And yes, these are actually making it to stores. eLuxury has the adorable boaters, made by Stephen Jones no less, in the black and the red. The prices are not beyond what I would have expected - $375 - but that does make them a bit pricey.

But in a moment of splendid serendipity, the Victoria & Albert Museum is doing an exhibition with Mr. Jones all about hats. And even better, the V&A Museum Shop (I love a good museum shop... more on that in a later post) has some amazing pieces for the exhibition... including pieces from Stephen's Snoxells of London line.

WendyB clued me in to some of the cuter pieces for this exhibition but I was drawn immediately to the boater hat that was available. Even better, this adorable thing is only £15! Can you believe it?

So, yes, I've ordered this already! I only wish I could hop a plane to see the show in person. It sounds amazing:

Working with radical hat designer, Stephen Jones, the V&A will present an 'Anthology of Hats'. Drawn from V&A and international collections and ranging in style and period from a 17th-century Puritan's hat to a 1950s Balenciaga couture piece to hats by Jones and his contemporaries including to the latest creations by young milliners such as Noel Stewart, the exhibition will investigate the cultural and historic importance of millinery.

The exhibition will be arranged in four main themes - Inspiration looks at the myriad of sources including historicism, exoticism and the natural world; Creation explores the techniques, materials and processes; The Salon focuses on the buying and selling of hats and the millinery shop; and The Clients which will examine the wearing and etiquette of hats and will feature headgear worn by well known clients of some of the world's top milliners including Audrey Hepburn, Isabella Blow, Anna Piaggi, Dita von Teese.

If anyone wants to get me the exhibition anthology, one of the hat boxes or one of the amazing hats... I'd totally take it... I'm just saying.

If you want to find some other amazing hats or fascinators, I personally love
Topsy Turvy Design and KissCurl on Etsy. I have pieces from both of them and love them. Miss Mischief also just did a great post on some gorgeous pieces on Etsy , including some fun pieces she made herself. I think I'm going to have to do another huge order on there.

Next need for me is a black bowler and a grey top hat.

UPDATED: It arrived!

More fun:
Create a Stephen Jones designed paper hat at home.

See the My Beautiful Paper hat pool on Flickr

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