Monday, April 7, 2008

Never Forget! Elephants are Awesome.

I'm not sure if I can directly contribute the growing trend of jewelry featuring elephants to the growing interest and awareness of the Indian and Asian markets or if it's because the everyone is as smitten as I am with the new Hermes campaign "Hermes Orange, Indian Pink" (which is gorgeous by the way - check out all the ads), but they are definetly on the rise.

I love the Hermes brand. They are one of the final true luxury brands that care about craftsmanship and are less of a company of sell-outs.

Anyway, I just got this fun little elephant necklace from Target mainly because it had a vintage-y feel to it, but also because it keeps with my accent colors for Summer.

But when I was reading my Lucky magazine this weekend I saw a whole slew of elephant pieces. They featured this ring from Palm Beach Jewelry. They have a bunch of other elephant pieces too.

They had this ring from Moss Mills -

I loved this bracelet from JCrew but I don't think they are carrying it anymore. I'll be you could find a vintage piece like this.

I did a quick search eBay and found this mother-of-pearl necklace. I've seen lots of these in jade too.

What I like about the elephant motif is this it looks vintage but also has a modern Asian feel too. Exotic and safari-chic.

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Nicole Then said...

so cute!! i love this elephant post. I heart elephant stuff...haha