Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let the Wild Rumpus Start

Sometimes you just have to go where your heart leads you.

Now I was never a huge fan of "Where the Wild Things Are" as a child. I was never a "wild rumpus" kind of kid and I actually liked going to my room.

So while I may not be anticipating the movie as much as many other people are, I did get a but rumpus-y about the WTWTA collaboration with Opening Ceremony. I think the fur suits are a bit to far into the "furry" realm but I love the coats and shawls and I totally fell for this full skirt.

Who wouldn't want to wear a bit of crazy fuzziness every now and again.

I plan on wearing this with dark brown tights for winter but how cute is this with the strappy sandals for warmer months?

Maybe there's a bit of Max's wolfishness in me after all.