Friday, October 26, 2007

I feel so frickin' cool

Way back in August I talked about my love for my ToyWatch watch (I actually got my acrylic one last December and love the ceramic one too).

Now it seems Vogue has finally caught on because they ran an e-article yesterday saying "Forget Cartier and Rolex, a ToyWatch is the only timepiece to be seen in this season:

THEY say that the watch you wear can define your personality so, be it Cartier or Rolex, wearing a deliciously expensive timepiece makes a statement. This season, however, Italian company ToyWatch has manufactured the must-have watches; fun timepieces that have been described as "Rolex meets Swatch". The one that has everyone talking is the Solo Tempo - a stylish, oversized ceramic face that comes in black, white or navy – and it has already found its way onto the wrists of the likes of Charlize Theron and Uma Thurman. Sold at Browns, which automatically gives it fashion kudos, ToyWatch's collection contains five unique styles - so even if the £635 Solo Tempo is not for you, the fun blue Perspex version, at £112, could be a great alternative. Check out the range at or call 0207 287 5431 for more information.

I love setting the trend!
; )