Monday, December 3, 2007

Grab and Clutch

I've started to see large clutches slowly creeping in as a new style, probably exploding in spring. I like the idea of a large day clutch and decided that I wanted a large envelope style in white.

Because they are not really popular yet, I've been doing my searching on Etsy and eBay, but when I was on Saks the other day I saw this Brian Atwood Mattie clutch.

Now, it's pretty at all, and except for the gold corners, pretty much exactly what I wanted.

But it's freakin' $1660!!!!

That is ridiculous.

In my searches I found this very similar vintage number on eBay for about $14. It has two pockets and is real leather.

I bought this bag here from eBay for $16. It's white croc embossed leather and I would say it is a pretty large size as well as being in good vintage shape. I think it is even more interesting than the Brian Atwood bag. Plus, I'm not a fan of those gold accents.

So, get searching. Large clutches for day will be popular, especially white or light colors - in leather or a reptile of some sort.

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This Lady said...

I agree. I got some really cute day clutches this year.

Prada has some fantastic oversize ones. Even though the prices are somewhat hefty, they're great quality, etc.