Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Box Full o' Kawaii

I FINALLY got my box of goodies from JBox. And I when I stress the "finally" I'm not kidding... I ordered this stuff 2 months ago. That's what I get for picking "slow boat from Japan" shipping.

Two months??? What the heck?

Anyways, I had pretty much forgotten what I had ordered by this time so it sort of like getting a gift on Christmas morning. I didn't remember what surprises were in store.

This is also contributed to by the fact that the packaging is in Japanese.

I got a pile of cute and tasty gums - rose, lemon mint, blueberry, rose mint. Delicious!

I also got a bunch of savory snacks - basil crisps, tamari rice crackers (which are particularly delicious), chocolate filled cookie sticks. miso soup and a whole bunch of other flavors.

And I couldn't resist a little kawaii cuteness... I had to get these adorable good luck love owls.

Gah! Cuteness!

Per the site:

In Japan, Fukurou (Owls) are a traditional symbol of good luck. The connection of the owl and luck in Japanese culture is steeped in tradition, but can be connected semantically to the sounds of the Japanese word for owl: "kurou" means trouble, "fu" basically means not or no -- so you're lucky if you have "not trouble".

This is a good looking and well made Enmusubi (Marriage) owl ceramic figure that works along the lines of the Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) or Daruma figures, as a lucky charm or welcoming display for your guests.

Comes with a mini signboard that reads: Luck will come, with no troubles you will smile and obtain happiness and affection.

Now isn't that worth waiting for?

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sailorette said...

I want these Owls so much, they are so cute!