Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tickled Pink

I am not a purse or bag person. I like don't covet the latest "it" bags and I don't have a huge amount of purses. I'm also pretty picky about what I look for in a bag. I like a classic shape in an interesting color.

I don't want it to be too huge and I usually prefer to carry it on my arm rather than over my shoulder. I don't like soft-sided bags; I actually want them to have some structure to them.

I have a few small bags and clutches but they rarely get used and are usually vintage. Most of the purses I own I keep for years and years and tend to be very lazy about changing them out. I carried my Emerald Alto bag for 2 years straight. The color range for my day-to-day purses includes emerald green, dark orange, sky blue, white and a croc brown. In the Fall I was thinking about a black patent but didn't findy anything I really wanted so that's by the wayside for now.

But for some reason I'm really considering pink.

I started out looking at this pink Emily Satchel from Coach.

It has a great shape, just the right amount of detailing, is the right size and gives the options of carrying on your arm or over your shoulder.

But I wanted to see what non-leather options were out there too. I don't really go purse shopping that much so I thought this would be a great opportunity to see what's out there.

I started out at Matt and Nat, purveyors of some of the best, most stylish vegan bags around. After searching by color I found this cutie - the Tundra-Stellar. It's also a good size and very cute. A bit more of an edge than the Emily but you could carry this to work and out afterwards.

If you are a bit more casual, I think the AstroSatchel's Cherry Blossom messenger is the cutest. This line has a ton of fun graphic designs.

I branched out into more vibrant pinks with this larger Verena satchel. I love the buckles on the end. Plus it comes in five equally eye-catching colors.

The Morgan has a bit of the "doctor-bag" shape to it, which I really like. It was tempting to show it in the gorgeous dandelion versus the raspberry, plus there are two other colors!

If I still want a patent bag in the Fall, I'm coming right back for this Mariah design. It's hard to choose between the amazing colors. The maroon and olive ones here are my favorites but there is also a stunning sapphire and a dark grey. Plus it's under $50, if you can believe that.

As I was searching for vegan options, I found these amazing Vegan Queen pieces. These are expensive but they are amazing. I first spotted the Eco It Bag, as bowling bag shaped piece with vintage hardware...

But then I was stunned by the City Bag. This piece is decadent and simply gorgeous. As I said, I'm not an purse girl but this almost makes me reconsider.

Well, we ended on a high (priced) note but most of these are very resonable, plus vegan, plus CUTE! Have you seen any I should add to the list? Make me into a purse girl too.
; )


RubieBleu said...

I'm having the exact same dilemma! I am a purse girl, however, but I've been searching for the perfect bag for the last few weeks. I'm interested in something that's going to be durable and timeless, as I, like you, will carry the same bag for years. I've just gotten to the point that I want to switch out every now and then so that way one purse doesn't get worn out completely. I've been looking at the D&B Betty satchel (http://www.zappos.com/dooney-bourke-nylon-betty-bag-navy) and Paulina Carcach bags (http://www.paulinacarcach.net/), but the vegan items you've posted have piqued my interest. My only concern with vegan leather is: will it be sturdy enough to handle the "abuse" that I will put it through (as I said, I love to carry a bag for years and I am always concerned about straps breaking and other issues that may occur with non leather materials.)

good luck in your bag search!

eye massagers said...

I like the pink one. It gives a stylish look.