Thursday, February 14, 2008

Confessions and Second Guesses

Okay, I have to make a confession. When the first images of the SATC movie came out I was swept up in the excitement and giddy fashion. And I was especially enamored of the Timmy Woods Eiffel Tower purse.

I mean, being in the move aside, it's a really cute bag. Especially the version covered in Swarovski crystals. 'Cause I love stuff embellished with crystals.

But, yeah, it's $2500. But I really really wanted it. And it's going to be an "It" bag, right? And I could get my hands on it first. So when the movie came out and everyone loved it I would have had it for months. Cool, right?

Yeah, but it's $2500. And even I am not going to spend $2500 on this. A Judith Leiber, yes (maybe). But I just couldn't justify it.

So I thought, I'll get the regular, non-crystal version (eeewww... regular. blech!). Which just happens to be $375.

So I ordered it. In the months it was backordered I kind of forgot about it and, I guess, lost my giddiness for it. Because when it arrived at my doorstep and I opened the box all I could think was: "Crap! I just paid $375 for a painted piece of wood."

The other thought that entered my mind, besides that fact that the interior of this thing is so small I could barely (and this is totally serious) barely fit a tube of lipstick, was "Will I look like a complete poser, dork, wannabe if I carry around this bag especially after the movie comes out?"

Now normally I don't think I would care as much what anyone thought but it is such an obvious bag that it would beg the comparison all the time. So I sent it back. Only a little sad but very much more relieved.

Now maybe if I had the crystal version I might have kept it.....hmmm....


Pomegranate said...

Oh i totally agree! If it doesnt fit anything then why have it? Especially since, as u said, it was going to be compared all the time.

And anyway, its not going to last long, trust me.

marlazz said...

I love all 4 - Eiffel tower replicas, bags, crystal, and SATC. I LOVE the crystal bag and wouldn't settle for less than the crystal. If only money weren't an issue.... :(