Sunday, July 20, 2008

Botkier for Target

I'm not a huge bag person so I can't say I'm overly familiar with the Botkier brand. Maybe that helps to give me an objective opinion of the new designer pairing with Target.

But the pictures leading up to the launch of this line made me interested in seeing the real thing.

I like distressed leather especially in metallics. So I really wanted to see this hobo bag in particular.

Well, I was in Target yesterday and I did get to see them.

And, well, frankly they sucked. Big time. They looked like cheap vinyl which is, I guess, what they are.

I didn't see every style in the line but what I saw wasn't good.

Not recommended.


WendyB said...

If I get super-famous and then do a cheap line that sucks bad, please shoot me.

painter girl said...

I went to Target the other day for home supplies and what hit me when I walked in the door????? the most awful colored and textured bags. It made me want to cover my eyes. YUCK.
You are right Miss Poochie! completely!