Sunday, July 13, 2008

On a Wing and a Prayer

One of the things that is hard about living in, what I like to call, Designer Fashion Exile is feeling left out of some of the cool new things. Things like the amazing collaboration between Viktor & Rolf and Shu Uemura.

Luckily I have fabulous blogs to read and bloggers to emulate who keep me informed of such matters, and the Internet to help supply what my local stores lack.

When Miss Susie Bubble sported a pair of the Wing (aka "paperclip") eyelashes, I knew that I too could not resist trying to track down a pair for myself.

Not sure how it happened but I was able to get an amazing deal on a pair through Ebay. They even came with a little book that talks about the designers, the Lash Bar and about each of the eyelashes. All of these images are in the book in a nice big size and it showa "in-process" images of the pink on pink harlequin make-up as well.

The Wing set is the most couture and graphic of the three designs and the quote from Viktor & Rolf about them says:

"These lashes were created with the concept of the eye becoming a dove, the delicate miniature wings give the eyes an expression of bewilderment, enchantment. The mind wanders, and airborne, a messenger of hope."

One of my aspirations in life is to go to or host a grand masquerade ball. I would love to get this make-up to go along with a fantastical and fantasy themed outfit.

Until then, maybe I'll just wear them to shock my friends into thinking I'm even nuttier than they already believe.

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