Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Edible Shoe Cream. Um... Why?

I'm all for organic and earth-friendly products but sometimes things, inspite of these admiration-worthy characteristics, just confuse me.

Case in point: Edible Shoe Cream.

Um... why????

According to the Terra Plana site:

Po-Zu launched a totally unique product; coconut oil edible shoe cream! The cream is made with 100% organic virgin coconut oil and can be used in multiple ways; from cleaning your shoes, moisturising your face to eating it on toast and conditioning your hair. Its versatility makes it a great product to travel with; meet the Swiss Army Knife of cosmetics!

I've never had coconut oil on toast. Is it good? Would this have been something Tom Hanks would have killed for (or should have made) when he was a Castaway? Do you really go through that mental check list when looking for a shoe cream?

"Hmmm... I need to clean my shoes, they're filthy..."

"This looks pretty good, but my hair is really dry, I wonder if I could ad some of this shoe cream to it. It softens my shoes so maybe..."

"Darn I'm starving to and this looks pretty good..."


Anyway, if you're looking for a product that does all three (and more perhaps!) a tin is $15.

Let me know how it tastes.


Laroux said...

That product is so random! Why would you want to eat shoe polish ... and why would you want your shoes to smell of Malibu?

I'm sure a lot of 'women who have everything' will find it in their stockings this year though!


Saul Neto said...

The idea of qualifying PO-ZU's Shoe Cream as 'edible' was simply a bit of a hyperbole to convey the concept that the Shoe Cream is so natural and harmless to the environment that it can be eaten. I don't think anyone will buy it to have it at breakfast. It's just a different way to communicate an attribute.

Meg said...

This is also a really great product for leather baby shoes. If the baby puts the shoes in their mouth, which will happen... the baby is not chewing on toxic stuff. And leather soft sole baby shoes are really cute, but get scuffed very easily as you might imagine with a crawling, learning to walk baby or toddler.