Sunday, November 9, 2008

Flowerbomb Me

I have long held a love for Viktor & Rolf. Ever since the magical shoes got away, I've admired their designs, style and openness to innovation. You may have watched their online fashion show this past season. When their site came out I went in and signed up as part of their "secret service."

I actually didn't think much of it until I got this package in the mail on Friday. I couldn't imagine what it could be but when I opened the envelope there was this lovely piece talking about the V&R perfume Flowerbomb.

Within the package was a little pink bag containing a sample of the Flowerbomb body creme and a shower gel.

I haven't tried the perfume yet, but I'm willing to give these a go. I love the pink and black packaging too. The letter with the package said they will continue surprising "official members" with info and previews and I will be the "privileged recipient of delicate attentions all year long."
Sounds intriguing. I can't wait to see what this means....

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la fashionista said...

Flowerbomb is one of my favorite perfumes! It's worth every penny.