Monday, May 5, 2008

Infallible Choices

I am one of those people that get seduced by great colors in lip gloss. I don't buy a ton of it, but it does happen. I also get lured in by the possibilities but then I put them on and I either hate the taste or texture or the color just looks horrible on me.

But I was in Target on Saturday and saw these new L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail lip glosses and thought I would give them a try. I got two colors - Rebel Red, which is not too red, and Fiery, which looks brownish with gold flecks. Both of them look really great on although they do look different on than in the tube.

The wand is a little odd. It's in this kind of diamond shape which holds the gloss and applies it well on the bottom lip but is a little challenging for the top. I like to layer these colors as well.

I didn't realize they were long wear gloss but they really do work. I'm not sure about six hours but I wore them to a tea party yesterday and the color was still there at the end of the party. With all the sipping of tea and eating sandwiches that went on, that's pretty impressive.

The texture has some thickness but not overwhelmingly so. I hope they keep this product around, especially in these colors.

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fashiongeek said...

I have the same affliction. I haven't succumbed to the L'oreal yet but now I'll probably pick it up this weekend. So thanks? I swear I have about 100 lipglosses. If I could find them all I'd verify that. There scattered amongst my makeup bag, gym bag, briefcase, purses, luggage, car, desk, etc. etc. And everytime I go to the store I see one and think "but I have a peach gloss so I don't need this one, but the one I have is peachy pink and this one is peachy pink goldy so it's DIFFERENT" No really it is. I swear.