Sunday, May 25, 2008

Seeing the World Through Rose-Colored Glasses

There were only two things I really really wanted from Miu Miu's Spring/Summer 2008 show - the tea cup heels and these stained-glass sunglasses.

Well, I got the heels and I LOVE them but I'm now very sad. I've had my name on a waiting list at the New York Miu Miu store for months. I was going to stop by one of the stores when I'm in town next week to try them on, if they'd come in by then. But when I called the store on Friday I found out they they are not going to be making these because they are too challenging.


I can't imagine why that would be. I know some have been made because I've seen them in pictures and the store said a UK store (???) got them. I'm sure whatever they cost they would get back. So why, oh why aren't they making them. Especially when they were featured so prominently in the campaign.

If anyone sees a pair for sale or has any feedback I'd love to hear about it.


Sunglasses Guy said...


I hate to tell you this, but your post has been stolen by a fake blog (

I am telling you this because they have also stolen my posts.

Princess Poochie said...

Sunglasses Guy -

Thank you for the heads up. I went to the site and clicked around to see if there was a way to comment or contact them. As I'm sure you saw too, there isn't but they did have a link to the site creator - Dagon Design -

I sent them the following message with a subject line of "Content Theft":

It appears one of your client sites is stealing content without proper citing.

Here is the post on -

And here is my original post -

You may want to let them know that this is not a good blogging practice and advise them that, not only will they lose credibility this way but could also be prosecuted.

Please have them take my post down asap or cite the origin.

Thank you

I would advise you and anyone who finds their content ripped off to do the same. I guess it's pretty much all we can do.

Thank you for letting me know!


Matt said...


I was going to reply to your email, but your email address was not sent with the message.

I am Matt from Dagon Design.

I am not the creator of that site, nor have I ever heard of them.

Where did you see my name on it anywhere? I took a look but I did not see.

Perhaps they are just using one of my free scripts? Like my contact form or sitemap generator, which are freely downloadable. Because they are free downloads, I am not neccesarily in contact with everyone that uses them of course.

I just wanted to clear things up, so people do not think I am going around stealing articles because the people that are, are using my scripts :)

Princess Poochie said...

Hi Matt

Thanks for the help. Your site was listed at the bottom of this page - - and was the only thing I could find with contact info. If you have any way to contact this site owner I would appreciate it.


Matt said...

Yes, that is my sitemap generator script. It is downloaded several thousand times a month so I don't have much to go on as far as that :)

I did pull up the domain registration info for the site, but it is cloaked. This is not too uncommon though - a lot of people do it to prevent their personal details from being in the whois info. The domain registration info is cloaked through

There is a form on you can fill out to email the domain owner (while their email address remains hidden, it will still go to whatever email the domain is actually registered to). Additionally, there is a form on the same page to request the actual domain owner contact info:

"If any domain is engaged in spam, abuse or any illegal / unlawful activity you may report the same.
Please enclose evidence of spam or abuse or the activity in question.
Our abuse team will review the complaint and reveal the actual contact information of the owner where appropriate. "

The thing about domain cloaking is that it just prevents people from casually obtaining your real phone number, address, etc.. but if abuse is reported, the information can be made available. You just have to show them what they are doing.

Hope that helps :)