Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time in a Bottle

Lately I've received a couple of samples of lotions to test out, and while I'm no big expert or consumer of lotions, I do have really fair and sensitive skin. With the change in climate from Florida to North Carolina, I've also been spending more time outside and dealing with issues like wind-burn and forced heat induced dryness.

The first sample I got was directly from the company. They sent me a bottle of their SkinMD Shielding lotion which has aloe in it. After I was out at the antiques fair this worked great to calm down some redness I had gotten and it wasn't overly heavy or sticky, so I could put it on before bed. You can order bottles from the site or there is a store locator too.

The second lotion I got was a new night cream from Aveeno in their Positively Ageless line. The big ingredient they're touting is shiitake extract and wheat protein.

As I've said, my skin, being fair, pre-rosacea and tempermental, doesn't like change. I also don't buy a lot of expensive lotions or washes because I've found more basic things work well and don't make me react. But I am big on moisturizing and have been since high school. I think that is something I've always done no matter what the evening brings - wash my face and moisturize.

I have to say this is a good product. It's not a light cream but it absorbs really well and in the morning my face has been looking all glowy and not puffy. So I'd give this a thumbs up. I will probably even buy some more when I run out. Aveeno is doing a sampling program right now via the website. If you click here you can order some to try for yourself.

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