Thursday, June 5, 2008

Weak and Strong

I've always wished that I had long delicate fingers with long nail beds that look perfect even with short nails. Nails that you can wear dark polish and it looks elegant.

But no. I have small hands and short fingers with equally short nail beds. What's worse, I used to bite my nails as a child. And even though I've broken that habit, my nails still suck. They're very weak. They tend to get a split about halfway down and below the quick. Basically pretty terrible.

But lately they've been holding they're own and not completely breaking off. Hooray! Now, they're not all strong and sturdy like a friend of mine in high school (hers were like iron. I was so jealous.) but, they're still here.

And look! They look pretty decent for once.

The only thing that I've ever used that has really helped to keep them sturdy enough to grow is Nailtiques. I don't use it every day now like it says, but it helps to get them going. Once they are long enough, it helps just to take care of them. Keep them polished, file any rough spots so they don't catch anywhere. Be aware of how your hands move and don't knock your hands around.

All of those things have contributed to this change, I'm sure. But I think there is one other big thing that has helped....

Yes, yellow rubber gloves. Okay, they don't need to be yellow (mine are currently blue) but, I know these have kept my nails intact. I don't do the dishes all of the time but when I do I wear these. I wear a pair when cleaning too. We know how soft nails can get when immersed in water, especially hot enough to clean the dishes, and mine don't need any encouragement to be weak.

I've been wearing these for a month or so and since I added them to the routine I've seen an amazing change.

If you have weak, soft or brittle nails, this simple addition could make a difference.

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