Thursday, August 14, 2008

Artistry & Accessories

I tried to hold out as long as I could but finally I could no longer resist and had to, just had to, get some new items from the amazingly talented folks who's sites I follow and who make the best stuff on Etsy!

First off I got this adorable poster from Miss Nubby Twiglet. She has as much graphic talent in her personal fashion style as she does in her graphic design. Working in advertising and loving fashion, I appreciate both things to a huge degree. I can't wait to find a home for this, but should it be in my office at work or here at home????

I just wrote about my love for Miss Lou Lou and her darling bows. I ended up getting Alice blue (love the name, love the color) and the hot pink. I think next will be red and maybe some of her sexy satin-y knickers.

I saw this poster from Jenny's Bake Shop on Flicker, and being a fan of the original, I loved the cheekiness of her version.

I want to look like all of the elfin girls in Jasmine's art. I decided on Queen Elizabeth and the Lion because I'm in a huge English history reading streak. Plus I'm a Leo and a red head, so it's perfect.

I finally got the original Keep Calm and Carry On poster. I think this, the cupcake version above and, maybe my Village "For Like Ever" poster as a triptych display may be in order.

Then I just went crazy with accessories! I'm not kidding.

I got one of these plume pins from Topsy Turvy Design in brass and teal. I'm planning on wearing teal and purple all Fall and Winter long. This will go on blazers, bags, hats, skirt, all over the place, I think.

I know I have a Champagne tag necklace but I couldn't not get this Brandy one. The little charms give it a more cutesy appeal plus it's kind of a personal joke... my parents almost named me Brandy! It would not have been a good combo with my last name. I would have sounded like a drink order. Eek!

I fell in love with this necklace from Heatherly Designs. She does these really interesting vintage inspired pieces and I thought the shape of this was so unusual. I love the deep crimson color of this too.

I also got this piece from her. The pendant reminded me of cinnabar.

I even like the chain.

This piece was from The Hand of Fatima's store (same as the Brandy necklace above). She makes pieces from re-purposed vintage pieces and I really like that unique element. This pendant reminds me of the jewelry in one of my favorite Marilyn Monroe movies - The Prince and the Showgirl.

I even like the chain detail.

But on a another note, I like utter modern, totally Bubblegum Plastic-ness of this this cameo necklace from Zombuki. She has other colors too, so check them out.

And last, but certainly not least, more delightful strangeness from Paraphernalia. I can wait to wear these around my more conservative friends and co-workers. The heart makes them look twice, what will the skull necklace do?

I still love owls even if the "fad" is over for a bit. A confused owl? Yes please.

I'm going to have a Poochie nameplate at last! I'll need to take a picture in this.

I may wear this all the time. Especially when I'm going out. ; ) I don't think I really trade it away but maybe I'll get some good offers.

Have you made any great Etsy or hand-crafted finds lately? I'd love to see what's out there!


Anonymous said...

Aw! yey...I'm just finishing your bows today so hopefully they will be in you hands soon... what a lovely collection of new buys! <3 xo Loulou

just me... said...

I MUST have a plume pin! How divine! Thanks for sharing-

Heatherly Designs said...

I was just browsing through google under my name and your blog post popped up. Thanks for being a fan (& customer)! ~Heather