Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cast Your Eyes Down

Way back in February, Queen Michelle posted about the fabulous Scottish leg wear label Bebaroque and introduced them with amazing images of the decadently embellished tights that they create.

They have wildly patterned, covered in sequins or even dimensional like these. In April she showed images of the fringed tights here (or just scroll down). It seems Queen Michelle was popping eyes and stirring up trouble with her tattoo patterned pair.

It always amazes me how surprised people get when you wear something other than boring old-fashioned sort-of-nude pantyhose (ick!) or solid black.

But how much more interesting are these patterned beauties? And apparently they're quite versatile too.

Now tights with a ton of metal circles running down your legs (front or back) are sure to get you some notice, but hey, that's why we're here. Right?

Personally I like the teal and silver as much as the black and gold.

And look at Miss Bubble modeling the hot pink with fringe. They're even more vibrant in her photos than the site shows.

I liked the so much, I got all of these - the black with teal, the teal with silver dots, the cream with black and the hot pink and fringe.

With these and my new Chanel two-tone tights, Fall is going to be a very colorful... and interesting time. Time to shake some folks up.


WendyB said...

These are all gorgeous. It's one of those situations where everything is so nice, I can't ever pick out something to buy.

Princess Poochie said...

The (sort of) easy answer... get them all!


LightStealer said...

The fringe pair is just awesome..! :-)
And they're Scottish too! I'm living in Edinburgh at the moment,'s quite nice to find out about local labels :-)