Sunday, October 12, 2008

Skin Fair as Snow, Lips Red as the Rose

Growing up I longed to look like Snow White. I had the white skin, but I wanted the black hair and the rosy lips. As tempting as the apple, I am continually seduced by a good red lipstick. And even though I don't wear it everyday, I still continue to buy them.

Especially when you see someone like Miss WendyB look so amazing in hers! (BTW Miss Wendy, I almost stopped by MAC yesterday to get a tube of your Lasting Lust... which I may still do. Darn you, seductress!)

On a day to day basis, however, I tend to stick to rosier berry shades. Of course, like everyone else, I wear Clinque's Black Honey, but I tend to wear Chanel lipsticks most of all. Sadly for me, nearly every color I fall in love with happens to be a seasonal limited edition color or something and I have to hoard my tube for ages. I also love their Glossimers because they don't taste funny and are not too gloopy.

But while I love my lipstick and glosses, I do fear them. I was told growing up, that if you wore lipstick a lot it would make your lips less pink. Now I don't know if that's true or not or what but I don't like the sound of it. Of course, as a young girl you'll have lovely rosy lips but is it just a natural part of getting older that they don't seem as lush?

So this myth, combined with my lack of major make-up skills (I'd love the make-up skills of Miss Doe Deere) results in my having a fairly basic make-up routine. I dot on some custom blended Prescriptives base in a few spots and brush on some translucent powder. My skin has so much pink in it, I never wear blush. I love it and have some, but really don't use it. I'd look like I had a fever or a sunburn if I did. I usually only wear a single eye shadow - lately a smokey lavender, grey, silver or taupe - but I love love love mascara.

And to get a mouth that looks just kissed, I have a love affair with lip stains. It's very hard for me to resist them. Right now I have three in my make-up bag, some better than others.

I gave Revlon's Just Bitten a try. It's not bad but it as a roller-ball applicator, which I don't find to be very effective. Plus it leaks into the cap when you lay it on it's side, as I do. I should just toss it because I don't really use it that much.

My new favorite for a pink mouth is the Pixi Lip Blush in Youth at Target. It has a marker/Sharpie-like applicator and gives a great color. But, it's $18. I don't think I realized that the first time I bought. It's too bad it's so pricey. I was going to try another color too. But I guess I'll stick with this one and decide if I'll repurchase when it runs out. But I really really like it. Dilemma!

An old favorite, which is more of a balm, is the well proven Benetint lip balm. And easier application than the original Benetint with a lovely rosy smell and which gives a great color.

I always had crummy luck with the original Benetint, especially when I tried it as a blush but I'm in love with it in my newest purchase, the Benetint Pocket Pal. I've been using this every day since I got it and it works great. Making sure your lips are bare and dry before you brush on the stain really helps and then, when the stain is dry, you have a nice clear gloss for shine. Plus it's easy to put in my purse.

As much as I aspire to more artful make-up, I find that I'm just not skilled. I need a good teacher, I think. Maybe the next time I'm in NYC I'll make the rounds of all my lovely friends and get them to give me a make over.


WendyB said...

Give in to the Lasting Lust! You won't regret it. I too wish I had Doe Deere's makeup skills. Well, I wish she would come over and do my makeup, really.

Doe Deere said...

Hi darling! Thanks for the tips, I love Benefit stuff as well. :)

So sweet of you to mention my blog xoxo
Doe Deere